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HW 17 Cyber-Bullying

Now that I have learned more about cyber-bullying, I can be more of an upstander when I come across an instance of cyber-bullying. I now how much it hurts the victims of cyber-bullying after reading our popplet article. I have witnessed cyber-bullying and now I know what I can do to get involved. If it ever happened again I would get involved because I have more information about cyber-bullying. It is important to take action to de-escalate a situation because if the situation gets out of hand, it can lead to many consequences and even death.

Reacting to cyber-bullying

Have you ever encountered online cruelty?

Yes I have seen it

How do you think someone might feel after being the target of it?

They might feel depressed and possibly suicidal.


For next class please complete the following:

1. Finish your “dial it down map” using Popplet and post a link to it on your Tumblr as well as a link to the article or scenario you selected.

2. In a text post, please reflect on the following:

  • How could you apply what you learned in class to…
KWL/Key Vocabulary - Cyber-bullying

Complete the K (what do you KNOW) and the W (what do you WANT to know) below based on your knowledge of cyber-bullying.

K: Cyber-bullying is against the law in many states including Massachusetts. It is the bullying of individuals on chat rooms or anything to do with technological devices.

W: I want to know what is considered cyber-bullying and how people can violate the law.

L: I learned that cyber-bullying affects victims’ lives more than the offender understands. Some serious cases can lead to depression and suicide. There are ways to speak out against cyber-bullying.

To the best of your ability please define the following vocab words within the context of the topic of cyber-bullying.

Target: The person or group of people that are the victims of cyber-bullying.

Offender: The person that is committing the cyber-bullying.

Bystander: The person that is watching the cyber-bullying happen or or has seen the remarks.

Upstander: The person that sees the bullying situation and tries to solve the problem by reporting it or bringing it up to the offender.

Escalate: When the cyber-bullying situation gets worse.

De-escalate:  When the cyber-bullying situation starts to slow down and calm.

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